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Foreign Body(ies): Goldsmiths’ MFA Graduate Students
Curated by Gerald Hemsworth, Professor of Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London
Produced by Michael Sellinger, Cottelston Advisors
August 29 – September 22, 2007

ARTISTS: Eric Ayotte / Diann Bauer / Amanda Beech / Louise Brierley / Justin Brown / Martin
Fletcher / Pil & Galia Kollectiv / Lindsey Seers / Shaan Syed

The exhibition will include installations by artists working in painting, sculpture, photography and video. For many of the artists, this will be the first time their work will be shown in New York and given the current art market’s focus on graduate students, in particular from notable schools such Goldsmiths, Foreign Body(ies) is a must-see show for the art world.

Night Shift II: Hidden Hands
Curated by David Howe
Organized by John LaRocca
August 14 – 24, 2007

Prior to success, many employers serve as assistant. The group exhibition Nightshift II: Hidden Hands is dedicated to twenty-nine emerging artists who spend tireless hours and days toiling for the established Chelsea community, yet possess the conviction to nurture their own careers. The exhibition offers the inconspicuous aides of the Chelsea Arts District an opportunity for additional success.

Theater of Cruelty
Curated by Raúl Zamudio
July 24 – August 11, 2007
ARTISTS: Carlos Amorales (Mexico/TheNetherlands) / Andisheh Avini (US) / Jota Castro (Peru/Belgium) / Stuart Croft (U.K.) / Susana Delahante Matienzo (Cuba) / Martin Durazo (U.S.) / Andrea Frank (Germany/U.S.) / Marcos Lopez (Argentina) / Teresa Margolles (Mexico) / Daniel Joseph Martínez (U.S.) / Ferran Martin (Spain/U.S.) / Teemu Mäki (Finland) / S&P Stanikas (Lithuania/France) / Kiki Seror (U.S./France) / Javier Téllez (Venezuela/U.S.) / Wojtek Ulrich (Poland) / Vuk Vidor (Serbia/France) / Roberto Visani (U.S.) / Sislej Xhafa (Kosovo/US)
Contemporary art and its public seem to be suffering from their own particular strains of political and social indifference. This acquiescence undermines contemporary art's radical potential and is one of the many points of contention that the exhibition entitled Theater of Cruelty rubs up against. The artists in the exhibition engage contemporary art’s conventions similar in spirit to Artaud’s vilification of theater’s conservatism; their intent is to jolt us from our conformity in order that we may think more critically about the world we live in. They individually approach this through diverse themes formally articulated via a plethora of media including video, painting, photography, sculpture, works-on-paper, audio-work, performance and installation.

Fresh Illusions
Curated by Hyewon Yi
Presented by the AHL Foundation
July 10 – 21, 2007
ARTISTS: Kyungwoo Han / Haegeen Kim / Shin Il Kim / 
Sangwoo Koh Dooeol Lee / Jia Lim / Sukwon Shin / Haeri Yoo
The AHL Foundation’s 2006/2007 Visual Arts Competition Award winners demonstrate a powerful sense of experimentation while employing a diverse range of media. Many of the artists challenge formal and perceptual paradigms, while others present the experiential and the spectacular. The works range in temperament from the analytical/conceptual to the psychological/intuitive, and while some artists are inclined to a fusion of East and West, others have more or less assimilated into the American mainstream.

Daniel Lopez
Curated by Mario Navarro
June 1 – 30, 2007
ARTISTS: Mónica Bengoa / Francisca Benítez / Diego Fernández / Nicolás Grum / Iván Navarro / Rodrigo Pereda / Caterina Purdy / Camilo Yañez / Hoffman's House / Instituto Divorciado
Contrary to New York artists, in Chile all young artists know who Daniel Lopez was: the last pseudonym of dictator Augusto Pinochet. This exhibition demonstrates how younger generations of artists from Chile feel free to work in any and several mediums at the same time, varying from site-specific wall mural painting, audio and video work, drawing, sculpture and photography.

Gernika/Guernica: Desde El Cielo Hasta El Fondo
April 12 – May 12, 2007
A multi-media installation of film, video and objects by Anita Glesta, a renowned public artist and sculptor. Through projection, installation, and documentary interviews with the survivors of the April 29, 1937 first ever air bombing of their town. Ms. Glesta will create an aural and visual passage, marking the 70th anniversary of the devastation of the Spanish town, Gernika. It connects today’s earlier holocaust with today’s ethnic wars, which have been escalating ever since the New York World Trade Center on 9/11.

Triple X: Extended, Exploded, Extracted – Naoto Nakagawa, 1965-1975
March 8 – 31, 2007
A retrospective of Naoto Nakagawa’s early work, in addition to several drawings and works on paper, some from the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Many of Nakagawa’s large-scale paintings will be displayed for the first time, giving the viewer a rare chance to see these pivotal works that helped to shape the artist’s later output.

A documentary exhibition on Impulse magazine, one of the most forward-looking and innovative cultural publicatons of the 1970's and '80s.
February 8 - March 3, 2007

January 12, 2007 - February 3, 2007

William Anastasi and Lucio Pozzi BLIND DATE: the artists face each other for eight hours making blind drawings.
Sunday, January 7, 2007, 11am-7pm

December 19 - December 24 2006

Curated by Iwona Blazwick
November 16 - December 16 2006

The Searchers
Curated by Patricia Maloney
September 21 - October 21 2006
Artists: Christina Battle / Sandow Birk / Jeremy Blake / Bill Davenport / Lynn E Harlow / Matthew Day Jackson / Reuben Lorch-Miller / Mary Lucier / Wardell Milan II / Shaun O’Dell / David Rathman / Alexis Smith / Tracey Snelling / Lane Twitchell / Anna Von Mertens / Letha Wilson

11 young artists explore the mythic West, its hold on popular US imagination and the libidinal aspects of 19th Century romanticism

Curated by Eleanor Heartney, Larry Litt, Juan Puntes
October 25 - November 7, 2006
Artists: Michael Anderson / Robert Boyd / Jim Costanzo / Derailment Group / Christoph Draeger / Jen Dragon / Solange Fabião / Kyle Goen / Heidrun Holzfeind / Jerry Kearns / Ian Laughlin / Pan Xing Lei / Patrice Lerochereuil / Claude van Lingen / Mary Mattingly / Jack McLean / Dan Mills / John L. Moore / Augustus Nazzaro / Christopher Obetz / Dennis Oppenheim / Christy Rupp / Yehuda E. Safran / Orit Ben Shitrit / Seric Shoba / Vasan Sitthiket / Hady Sy / Vargas-Suarez Univeral / Jeannie Weissglass / Bernard Williams / Hans Winkler /
Zhou Xiaohu / Xiaoze Xie / Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

Artists from around the world focus their eyes, ears, and talents on the upcoming US congressional and gubernatorial elections.

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