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El Monaguillo (The Acolyte)

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GROSSO SÁNCHEZ, Alfonso (Sevilla, 1893 - 1983) 1920 Alfonso Grosso belongs to the generation of painters from the Sevillian school from the first half of the 20th century; which we could not quite consider to be avant garde but did know how to get around the conventionalities of painting in the nineteenth century. The two most characteristic themes of his production can be found in this work: religion and the popular theme. The religious theme is due to the task that the protagonist has in churches. The popular or costumbrista style theme for the generally jovial role which these figures play, normally filled with grace and joy. The work depicts the figure of the altar boy dressed in his liturgical clothes, carried out in great detail, focusing the expressiveness on the pleasant face and friendly nature of the boy.

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