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San Hugo en el refectorio

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ZURBARÁN, Francisco de (Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz, 1598 - Madrid, 1664) " Around 1655 This canvas was carried out by Zurbarán for the sacristy of the Carthusian Monasterio de Santa María de las Cuevas in Sevilla, and it narrated the miracle which took place around 1084 in the Carthusian Monastery of Grenoble. The representation shows the seven founding friars of the order presided over by St. Bruno. The miracle took place on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, when St. Hugh, bishop of Grenoble, sent them meat. The friars discussed the possibility of living in perpetual abstinence when by divine intervention, they fell into a deep sleep which lasted for forty-five days. Upon a visit by St. Hugh, they awoke and saw with astonishment that the meat had turned into ashes, a miracle which confirmed that they should further intensify a life based on mortification and austerity.

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