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Santas Justa y Rufina

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MURILLO, Bartolomé E. (Sevilla, 1617 - 1682) Around 1666 The painting belongs to the series carried out for the church of the Convento de Capuchinos in Sevilla, where the main altarpiece was located. Santas Justa y Rufina (St. Justa and St. Rufina), prototypes of popular Sevillian beauty, is one of the most famous paintings by the painter. The saints are represented with martyrs' palms and the ceramic vessels are in keeping with their job as ceramic sellers. In their hands, they are holding the tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla, La Giralda, since according to tradition, they prevented its collapse during the earthquake of 1504. The magnificent representations of saints from the set of paintings of Capuchinos, the complex play on lights of some scenes, are clear fruits of his artistic maturity. A mature technique which can be perceived in the brushstrokes of prodigious ease, which are very fine, and with which he undoes the forms, announcing the perception of the following century

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