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Virgen con el Niño (Virgen de la servilleta). Virgin with Child (Virgin of the napkin)

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MURILLO, Bartolomé E. (Sevilla, 1617 - 1682) Around 1666 This popular representation of the Virgin with Child belongs to the series which Murillo carried out for the church of Capuchinos, Sevilla. It is known as \"La Virgen de la servilleta\" (The Virgin of the Serviette) as a result of a tradition which originated at the beginning of the 19th century according to which, Murillo painted the popular image on a serviette fro the lay brother in charge of the convent refectory. The quality of this wonderful work is due to the skill which Murillo had to move to devotion through daily life, through the affection which links the Mother to her Son, who full of childish curiosity, seems to want to jump out of the painting. Both their gazes meet with that of the observer, transmitting the tenderness and intimacy which were the keys to the success of Murillo's religious paintings.

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