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Inmaculada Concepción (La Colosal)

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MURILLO, Bartolomé E. (Sevilla, 1617 - 1682) Around 1650 Born in Sevilla at the end of 1617, he carried out his artistic training in the Juan del Castillo workshop. The style of his first works followed the models of Zurbarán, of rigorous Tenebrist Naturalism and the cloudscapes of golden lights which Roelas painted. The Museum holds early works such as the Immaculate Conception called \"La Colosal\" (around 1650) from the Sevillian Convento de San Francisco. Although this theme depends on the model produced by Ribera, Murillo established a new iconographical prototype with representations of great dynamism, characterised by the movement of the clothes, the white tunic and blue cloak, and the presence of angels fluttering around the image of Mary. The painting is exhibited, replacing the painting which dominated the main altar in the church of the Convento de Capuchinos de Sevilla, from where the museum obtained the most important set of paintings by Murillo that it has.

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