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Apoteosis de Santo Tomás de Aquino

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ZURBARÁN, Francisco de (Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz, 1598 - Madrid, 1664) Around 1631 In 1631, Zurbarán painted this work for the Colegio de Santo Tomás de Aquino in Sevilla which would probably be the most ambitious of his production. The composition, takes its source in etchings as it is usual in this type of object and it repeats the archaic scheme of the division in different registers. In the lower part, around a writing desk with the founding bull, to the left, you can see the founder of the school Fray Diego Deza in front of a group of Dominican friars and to the right, Emperor Charles V leads another group of praying figures. In the upper register, St. Thomas presides over the scene, flanked by the four Church founders. In an upper area, the Holy Spirit with Christ and the Virgin can be seen to the left with St. Paul and St. Dominic to the right. This is one of the most complex works by Zurbarán, with figures of great monumentality, intense naturalistic expression and multiple details which display his extraordinary skill in the expression of physical characteristics of matter.

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