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Retrato de su hijo Jorge Manuel (Portrait of his son Jorge Manuel)

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THEOTOCOPULI, Domenico (El Greco) (Candía, Creta, 1541 - Toledo, 1614) (around 1600/05) This excellent portrait, although the only work by El Greco held in the museum, has the uniqueness of being an exceptional creation within its production as it is an important testimony of his family life. Even though, throughout the 19th century, it was believed to be a self-portrait of the painter, today it is accepted by the majority of researchers that the painting represents Jorge Manuel, the only son of El Greco, who was an architect, sculptor and painter like his father. This is without doubt one of the portraits with the greatest expressive vivacity and elegant sobriety of those produced by El Greco. There is a powerful attractiveness surrounding this figure with slender elegance, distinguished and natural, carried out using a very fluid technique, in this case, with particular care as it was a portrait of his own son.

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