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Chema Cobo. Oil painting on canvas. 208,5 x 179,5 cm. Origin Acquisition. Comments The author used the figure of the joker as the protagonist of the work, a symbolic representation of the antagonism between opposing concepts, acceptance and refusal, at the same time, introducing the philosophical approach of the relativity of geographical situations and the representation of this through maps, a concept which appears through the title of the painting. The dominant chromaticism with a base of yellows and\ reds\ and the contrasts with\ these warm tones offered by the work, give it a greater sense of spaciousness\ and imbalance, controlled by the position of the figure which appears fragmented in the two parts of the work. The work\ was created as a large diptych, with each unit measuring 208 cm in width and 179 cm in height. © Chema Cobo, VEGAP, Cádiz 2004.

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