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Sculpture of Trajan

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Sculpture of Trajan White marble. Altura, total 2,675 m.; altura de la cabeza, 0,66 m. 98-117 AD. Origin Baelo Claudia. Comments Sculpture recovered in the excavations carried out in the basilica area of Baelo Claudia. The head was found separated from the body, and was located at its feet. Both pieces had been well preserved, with the forearms missing, and with some damage to the feet and nose. It occupied a prominent place in the central intercolumnation of the basilica, just in front of the magistrates' gallery, presiding over the public acts which were held in this building. The body and head have different origins and chronology, although at the time, they formed a single statue. The body, which\ represents a robed figure, with roughly carved folds, resting on a cornucopia, may be the work of a local sculptor. The head is made of Carrara marble and could be the work of some official workshop in Rome. It was made using a Domitianus' head, and contains the typical features of an official portrait made for Trajan's rise to power in 98 AD.

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