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Female anthropoid sarcophagus

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Female anthropoid sarcophagus White marble. Longitud, 2,14 m.; anchura, 0,86 m.; altura, 0,42 m. 470 BC Origin c/ Ruiz de Alda, Cádiz. Comments Sarcophagus made up of two pieces, a box and lid, hollowed out on the inside in the shape of a human figure. The features of a woman are carved in relief on the lid: feet, arms, breasts, neck, face and hairstyle. The right hand is extended and the left hand holds an alabastron with lid. Its technique and style correspond to the series of anthropoid sarcophaguses from Sidon. On the inside, a funerary piece formed by two sets of bronze edgings, five pendant ureus-shaped charms, a scarab and four bronze nails.

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