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Rolph Scarlett 1889-1984 Abstraction c. 1934 Oil on canvas Scarlett was an industrial and theatrical designer as well as an acclaimed abstract artist. Inspired by an encounter with the Swiss artist Paul Klee in 1919, Scarlett created abstract paintings using cubist shapes and spatial relations as well as freely applied areas of pure color. In 1936 he viewed first hand the paintings of Vassily Kandinsky at the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (later the Guggenheim Museum) and was hired as a lecturer there. Scarlett's work was collected in great numbers by the museum and included examples in many of its exhibitions. By the middle of the last century, his paintings were among those that defined early American abstraction. *Museum purchase with funds provided by the Morton R. Hirschberg Memorial Fund and gifts from Diane DeMell Jacobsen, Ph.D. in loving memory of her husband Thomas H. Jacobsen and James and Diane Burke in memory of Thomas H. Jacobsen.

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