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June Morning

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Thomas Hart Benton American, 1889-1975 June Morning 1945 Oil on masonite, 41 7/8 x 48 1/16 AP 1994.2.1 © T.H. Benton and R.P. Benton Testamentary Trusts/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY The central figure in the Regionalist movement, Benton used his art to elevate the experiences of everyday people and ordinary events. His work is characterized by grand compositions brimming with curvilinear forms, realistic details, and intensified colors. June Morning depicts a view from his mother's house on Martha's Vineyard. Painted one month after Germany's surrender in World War II, it is Benton's patriotic testament to the strength of the American spirit facing the destructive powers of war. The neighbor milking the cow symbolizes Benton's vision of the American way of life, the departing storm clouds suggest the passing of war, and the lush foliage contrasting with the dead tree represent the cycle of life. *Museum purchase with funds provided by The Cummer Council, the Morton R. Hirschberg Memorial Fund, and the Mae W. Schultz Acquisition Endowment.

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