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Woman with Guitar

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Marie Laurencin French, 1885-1956 Woman with Guitar 1943 Oil on canvas, 25 x 21 Gift of Jack & Marcelle Bear in honor of John S. Bunker AG 1995.2.1 Poet and painter Marie Laurencin was associated with modernist circles in Paris. Beginning in 1907, Laurencin was muse and companion to the famed poet and critic Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) and was featured in many of his writings. She exhibited seven canvases in the revolutionary 1913 Armory Show in New York, a landmark exhibition in the history of Modern art, and she established herself as a leading society portraitist, book illustrator, and costume and textile designer. Woman with Guitar demonstrates Laurencin's schematic treatment of human anatomy. The sitter's porcelain skin, demure mouth, and widely set almond eyes are striking stylistic elements, based in part on her knowledge of the arts of Africa. The color scheme is typical of her paintings, in which flat planes of pastel hues predominate. Laurencin often painted figures in the guise of the Muses, draped in togas and carrying the attributes of their art.

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