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ANDREA ROBBINS and MAX BECHER, Bavarian By Law is in Place
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Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, Bavarian By Law is in Place, 1995/96. Exhibited in JEMA at Leavenworth, 2008. Robbins/Becher’s photos taken of Leavenworth, WA. (1995/96) were re-exhibited in Leavenworth (2008) by JEMA. The subject of the photos is the city and people of Leavenworth, Washington. The city adopted a Bavarian theme and gave themselves a Bavarian makeover to attract tourism - not due to any history of the town or its citizens. Their original series of photos is called “Bavarian By Law”. Robbins/Becher renamed the JEMA exhibition “Bavarian By Law Is In Place” on the occasion of the return of their photos to the Mayfest parade (which is the subject of many of the original images) via a traveling exhibit by the John Erickson Museum of Art. Photo by Sergio Vega.

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