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Rorschach Cards series, Daria Usova, 2010
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DARIA USOVA SOLO EXHIBITION March, 2 – 31 On the 1-st of March RuArts Gallery presents a solo exhibition of a young and ambitious artist – Daria Usova. Within the framework of the project «Sense, spirit and body» Daria Usova transforms a classical mosaic and stained glass technique into her own unique collage style which is called Pieces Art. She uses only magazine scraps, because they are already a true material artifact of modern life and practically readymade objects. The three main themes of Usova’s project are «The 12 seconds from Christ’s life», «Rorschach Cards» and «Cities» series. «The 12 seconds from Christ’s life» series is a peculiar action sketch of the last 12 seconds from life of Jesus. These works symbolize a modern life, closely intertwined with an eternal quest and suffering of each person, where the faith in God or in anything else and self-confidence coexist. Each collage is one of the last 12 moments of Christ alive. The works are identical and this fact thereby proves faith constancy and predestination inalterability of all the people. The audience will independently discover a generalized image of life, memory and faith». (V. Dazhina) «Rorschach Cards» is a diagnostic technique, developed by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach (1884—1922). This test is widely used in psychiatry to examine a person's personality characteristics, emotional functioning and disorders. The whole point is that the test subject is required to give an interpretation of the inkblots. Each of blots has near perfect bilateral symmetry and each figure it forms serve as an object for free association – a person pronounces any spontaneous ideas, images and words emerging in mind. What the individual sees in the inkblot is determined by person's personality characteristics, according to the conception on which this test based on. Daria Usova represents her author's interpretation of The Rorschach test. Everybody will be able to see something personal, to take a look into the inside him- or herself and try to analyze private thoughts and feelings. The third part of Daria Usova’s exhibition is the «Cities» collage series. This consists of city landscapes, in which one can precisely discern the main world capitals, feeling their spirit and atmosphere.

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