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Guided Tours
Come and discover the museums of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden!
Our guided tours provide overviews of all the collections – and a great deal more. They offer deeper insights, interpret the collections from different perspectives, point out interesting connections and sometimes present well-known works of art in a new light. Would you rather visit the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in the footsteps of Canaletto or explore the theme of “Women in Art”? In the Skulpturensammlung, would you prefer to listen to stories about gods and heroes or learn something about the way Classical sculpture was understood in the Baroque period? Our enthusiastic guides will be only too glad to explore such subjects with you. Please contact us in advance if you wish to arrange a guided tour on a special topic in a language other than German.

Circle Tours
We offer circle tours of the permanent and temporary exhibitions on a regular basis. These tours provide visitors with a general overview of the artworks on display in the individual museums. Your tour guide will also relate interesting facts about the major pieces in the respective collection and place the individual objects into larger contexts. The circle tours are offered in German and Russian.
For participation in a guided circle tour, a fee of 2.00 Euros is charged in addition to the admission fee.

Special Guided Tours
The Museum Education Department of the Dresden State Art Collections also offers guided tours with specific thematic focuses as a regular part of its programme. Here special attention is devoted to interesting aspects of the respective temporary or permanent exhibition. Visitors are given an opportunity to delve deeper into the life and work of individual artists and/or certain periods of art or various artistic techniques.

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