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The Artothek

at the NBK is an institution which lends works by contemporary artists to all Berliners with an interest in art. Our aim is to give private individuals access to these artworks over a longer period of time, and to open up ways of understanding for those who have previously had little or no opportunity to relate to contemporary art.

The choice of new acquisitions for the Artothek is made by an acquisition committee, according to the exclusive criterion of quality. A considerable part of the collection consists of works by Berlin artists, but internationally known names are also represented. We are continuing to extend the collection and seeking to close any gaps; at present it numbers around 4000 works.

The aim of the Artothek mobil is to convey contemporary art to schools and places of work and to promote its understanding there. Originals can be a valuable aid for art teachers, who are offered the opportunity to present thematic series of works from the Artothek as illustrative material. In places of work, the main aim is to make contemporary art more accessible to all.

Rental conditions:

The art rental is free of charge. To keep the risk low for the borrower, an insurance fee of 1.50 Euro per artwork is charged for 3 months.

The duration of the rental is 3 months (with a possible extension to 6 months). For NBK members a max. rental duration of one year is possible.

The art rental is admitted to Berlin residents only.

The Artothek is open:

Tue + Thu 2 - 9 p.m., Wed + Fri 12 - 5 p.m.

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