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The objectives of the Gernika Peace Museum's Education Department are to provide a positive experience at the Museum, to bring visitors (schools, families, and other groups) closer to peace education, education in values, and the historic themes of the Museum (Spanish Civil War, the bombing of Gernika, exile and the history of Gernika-Lumo in general), to make visitors think, reflect, assess and act in relation to the two main museum themes (History and the Culture of Peace), to arouse reflections, feelings, sensations and knowledge and to educate people in the culture of peace and knowledge of history.

The museum now runs two educational workshops focusing on its permanent exhibition - one on the culture of peace, and another on history.

The history workshop allows secondary school pupils or other adult groups to enhance their knowledge of certain moments in history in general, and of the history of Gernika-Lumo in particular.
The workshop is run in three phases: A preparatory phase in the class, association or group, an in situ phase at the museum with various materials, including a visit to the history sections (1 1/2-2 hours) and subsequent working material to develop the topics discussed.
Topics discussed in the workshop:
The founding of 'villas' or towns
War of 'bandos', sides
'Matxinada' insurrection
The Carlist wars
Webquest on the bombing of Gernika (didactic unit to be done online)

This workshop covers in more depth the topics related to visits to the peace sections of the museum. This is a very agreeable and participative workshop for boys and girls at secondary schools or other groups of adults. It is structured into three phases:
Before the Visit: The first phase consists of teaching materials already requested and sent by the museum, and these are discussed in class (45-50 minutes).
Visit to the Museum: This is the central phase, already prepared by materials sent to the class by the museum. The duration of the workshop is between 2 hours and a half, and is composed of an initial session, with the group divided into a number of subgroups or working different areas and a section in which the group comes together again to start the special guided tour (during which each group of pupils will have their own part to play) through all the rooms in the museum.
After the Visit: After the tasks have been completed, the participants may delve deeper into the subjects dealt with, using the museum's material and references (bibliography, reading, film references, web sites etc.), and so they may continue studying these topics in one or two more classes if they find it interesting.

If you are a teacher or a group leader, and wish to book some of the workshops, or an "a la carte" workshop, or require information on the prices of services, please contact us (tel: +34 946 270 213, fax: +34 946 258 608, email:

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