Education - Museum of Latin American Art

School Tours & Workshops is an integral component of the education experience at MoLAA and is a favorite program of both students and teachers. Teachers tell us the program makes a perfect complement to their K-12 school curriculum by utilizing grade and age appropriate lessons which reinforce California’s visual arts content standards.

This program includes a guided tour of the galleries immediately followed by a hands-on Art Workshop. Both the workshop and the tour review elements that give students the opportunity to create connections, relationships, and applications between the material presented to them and the visual elements they have at hand. The tour situates the students in direct contact with the artwork and engages them in multiple sensory experiences that are only accessible when art is presented in concert with dialog. One of our most popular facilitation methods is the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Method. This method ensures a developmentally appropriate experience for all, encourages the development of reasoning skills and promotes a multi-curricular connection to all subject matters and disciplines in the curriculum. Teachers are often thrilled by the results of this gallery experience!
MoLAA’s hands-on arts workshops provide an opportunity for experiential learning through creative expression. Workshops reinforce the understanding of basic elements of design, and allow students to experiment with watercolors, graphite, charcoal and collage. Student’s have a continuity of experience from the classroom to the museum to the art lab. Students take home their creative projects. School Tours & Workshops are offered at MoLAA Tuesday through Friday year-round.

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