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Presents the exhibition
From the Panza Collection
19 July - 30 November 2007, Villa Panza and Panza Collection, Varese

Kosuth has accomplished something that was unconceivable before: creating an art which identifies itself with the philosophic research... he makes us enter the indistinct reign of things that cannot be defined but that represent the substance of everything. For this reason, his works of art are immensely beautiful: they let us look within our souls.
Giuseppe Panza di Biumo

In the stables of Villa Panza and Collection, thirteen installation will be on show, covering the artist’s production from 1965 to 1974, and representing the essence of Kosuth’s artistic research, and the relationship with the knowledge of language and the tie between meaning and expression.
Joseph Kosuth, one of the main exponents and major theoretician of Conceptual Art, has been dealing with this field of research for more than thirty years. One of his installations is currently on the Island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, that hosts the project The Language of Balance on the occasion of the 52nd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale of Venice.
The Conceptual Art has substituted the work of art in itself with a reflection upon the work of art, its role in the context of society and of its culture.
Therefore the artist does not make objects to be looked at, but instead concepts, ideas, reflections upon art, mainly expressed utilizing verbal language, or through a combination between text and photographic images.
Since the Sixties, in particular, Kosuth’s work has deeply explored the production and the role of language and of its meaning inside the art.
Kosuth has established all his work as a complex but coherent process of reflection upon the language as the main vehicle of ideas, and to do so he had to submit the language itself to analysis and verification. His research takes shape in his installations, in exhibitions, in the works of art that have been commissioned by public bodies, and in those present in Europe, North and South America and Asia.
Starting with the Conceptual Art, the FAI proposes a wider treatment of this theme, with the intention to investigate the Conceptual Art and the relationship between Art and Philosophy, and Art and Language. As a matter of fact, the exhibition will be accompanied by numerous linked events: from September to October there will be a series of conferences care of critic and philologist Cesare Segre and professor Maria Meneghetti – lecturer of Philology at the Faculty of Humanities of the Università Statale, Milan – conferences given by philosophers, philologists, linguists and art historians, with the aim to focus one’s attention on Conceptual Art and its protagonists, to analize Kosuth’s profile, personality and works and, above all, to examine deeply the relationship and the research between art and language.
Teaching activities and workshops for children, including Scrabble and other language games, are provided.
Among the installations in the present exhibition, Clear Square Glass Leaning (1965) is a work of art identifying itself with its enunciation: as a matter of fact, it declares the different qualities of an object (a slab which is at the same time made of glass, transparent and square), and of its relations with the space (i.e., leaning against the wall). Nine paintings with Words as Art (1968) is again precisely what its title declares, that is nine paintings each of them presenting a word, each word referring to a different aspect of the canvas itself, except for the last two words which have a different function in comparison with the pure enunciation: “painting

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