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Exhibitions - Musée Rodin

Exhibitions in the Rodin museum's chapel

- Rodin. Les figures d'Eros .Dessins et aquarelles érotiques,

Exhibition of 22 November - 18 March 2007

Exhibition commission: Dominique Viéville, Christina Buley-Uribe, Hélène Pinet

Where does the nude end? Where does eroticism start?
Although Rodin is recognized as one of the fathers of modern sculpture, his graphic work remains generally unknown. Through 140 drawings and watercolors, executed between 1890 and 1917, as well as 5 sculptures, this exhibition presents all the aspects of the body, from a simple to the most erotic nude.
In the 1880’s, Rodin’s drawings were mainly associated with The Gates of Hell, with a series of « black » sketches representing somber and tormented subjects inspired by Dante. Starting in the 1890’s, Rodin strays from literary andmythological themes to devote himself to the representation of the nude from living models. He first completes a series of drawings referred to as transitional, marked by two dominant colors, i.e. yellow and pink. Later, he becomes committed to representing large female nudes, using the entire palette of drawing techniques to express physical sensuality: line drawing, stumping, watercolors and gouache.
Rodin is looking for spontaneity and endeavors to capture movement in the moment. In order to accomplish this, he uses a particular method, allowing the pencil express itself freely on the paper without taking his eyes off the model in order to reveal the truth of the body.
These drawings, similarly to the entire bulk of his graphic work, were in no way a preparation for his sculptures; these are works of art in their own right that have a life of their own, enriching the scope of the artist’s experiments with form.
“Be angry, dreamy, praying, crying or dancing. It is up to me to capture and maintain the line that appears truthful.

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