Exhibitions - Palais de Tokyo

Exhibitions - Palais de Tokyo

Steven Parrino
Retrospective, Prospective
May 24 to 26 August 2007

This summer, the Palais de Tokyo devotes the entirety of its exhibition spaces to a program of and around the artist Steven Parrino entitled LA MARQUE NOIRE.

Steven Parrino, who died in a motorcycle accident in January 2005, is considered by many as a model of a radical and uncompromising artistic activity. Inspired by the artist's ability to disregard the notion of categories and to place the collaborative process at the core of his practice, LA MARQUE NOIRE proposes a wide selection of overlapping exhibitions and events.

A triptych of exhibitions are on view : STEVEN PARRINO: RETROSPECTIVE 1981-2004; BEFORE (PLUS OU MOINS), an exhibition of artists who had a deep influence on Parrino; and BASTARD CREATURE, an exhibition of artists who Parrino supported and influenced that is based on two previous exhibitions that the artist curated himself, in Bregenz (2003) and Dijon (1999). In addition, LA MARQUE NOIRE includes a weekly schedule of performances, screenings, and lectures.

Steven Parrino made the apparently inconceivable junction between Pop culture and Greenbergian modernism, bringing together the aesthetics of Hell's Angels and Minimal Art. If painting was dead, he believes in the life that thrives in the pieces of its leftover corpse. By presenting a large number of Parrino's works and by inviting the artists who have influenced him, as well as the artists whom Parrino chose to exhibit, support, and with whom he often collaborated, LA MARQUE NOIRE becomes a universe that stretches from minimalism, tattoos, experimental films, and cartoons to industrial design, No Wave, and punk.

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