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3 June – 9 September 2007
George Maciunas
The Dreams of Fluxus

Joko Ono
FilmNo.4 (1970)
One of the most important Fluxus artists is Yoko Ono. Her contact with Maciunas dates back to 1960. Her Film No. 4 features nothing but close-ups of derrieres moving in front of the camera. A short, fragile Fluxus Edition of 1970 contains this film in a pocket-cinema.

Endless Box (1965)
Maciunas inspired a whole set of Japanese artists, including Mieko Shiomi, to create Fluxus works. Shiomi’s Endless Box, which she photographed in an unpacked state in 1965, was, at the time, part of the Flux-Kit, a black suitcase containing a collection of Fluxus products that could be purchased for just one hundred dollars.

God (1964)
French artist Ben Vautier considered Maciunas a genius. One of the most beautiful Fluxus pieces is by Vautier. “If there’s a God somewhere, then he has to be in this bottle, too,” wrote Vautier in white paint on wood in 1964. The accompanying empty wine bottle, a one-of-a-kind piece for Fluxus, is called God.

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