Exhibitions - Cass Sculpture Foundation

Cass Sculpture Foundation is exhibiting the sculptures of Tony Cragg. The display is the largest exhibition of Tony Cragg's outdoor sculptures in Britain to date and includes several large sculptures produced specifically for the Cass Sculpture Foundation. The exhibition is one of the largest sculpture projects ever realised with a British artist.

Always moving, continually changing gear, ever switching back on himself, Tony Cragg refuses to settle into a comfortable career maturity. It is a great privilege for the Cass Sculpture Foundation to work with him again. The sculptures, which are shown at the Foundation's sculpture estate at Goodwood, is perhaps the largest and most important single sculpture commission ever extended to a British artist.

Based in Wuppertal, in Germany's industrial heartland, Tony Cragg (born 1939) is considered one of the most important British sculptors working today. Over the past thirty years he has created a body of work of extraordinary variety and invention, deploying every conceivable material from the humble polychrome plastics of discarded consumer goods, to glass, wood and cast bronze.

His work continues to betray an abiding interest in science and the properties of the material world, an interest that has always allowed him to ascribe equivalent sculptural significance to found objects as to more traditional sculptural materials.

In 1975, Cragg arranged the contents of his studio - an imbroglio of paper, wood, cardboard, fragments of metal, string and other unidentifiable detritus - into two relatively neat stacks of stratified detritus. Now, thirty years on, Cragg's most recent work sits atop the ancient strata of the Sussex chalk downs, crowning millennia of accumulated geological time.

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