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Three exhibitions are currently on view:

RoseArt: Works From the Permanent Collection

A collaboration between Raphaela Platow, The Rose chief curator, and Michael Rush, the Henry and Lois Foster Director of The Rose, this exhibition takes a fresh look at the museum\'s outstanding collection of more than 6,000 objects.
RoseArt will reexamine, even discover anew, aspects of the collection that are rarely seen. The curators will present four perspectives on the collection: historical, thematic, artists\' medium, and artistic process. Rather than attempting a chronological survey, the exhibition will surprise with its artistic connections and unpredictable dialogues. Dozens of artists, including Nam June Paik, Ana Mendieta, Sol LeWitt, Jackie Ferrara, Yayoi Kusama, Reginald Marshall, Philip Guston, Robert Motherwell, several of whom have rarely or never been exhibited at The Rose, will be presented.
The Lois Foster Wing
January 25- April 1, 2007

Paper Trail I: Artists Explore Unseen Works on Paper from the collection of the Rose

Paper Trail is a series of three exhibitions to take place over the next two years in which artists integrate their own work with pieces they select from he museum\'s works-on-paper collection. The project offers the rare opportunity to view samples from more than 2,000 works-on-paper owned by The Rose Art Museum. This extraordinary collection includes art extending from the 17th-Century to the present time.
New York based artist Margaret Evangeline orchestrates the first installment of this unique series with works ranging from Francisco de Goya and Edouard Manet to Amedeo Modigliani and Kiki Smith. Evangeline, a Louisiana-born painter, has long experimented with aesthetically resistant material such as aluminum. She uses gunshot and mirror pollished stainless steel to open up the all over 2D picture plane. In recent videos, she has experimented with sound and actions collected while shooting the steel panels for a commissioned sculpture.
The Mildred S. Lee Gallery
January 25- April 1, 2007

Clare Rojas: Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal features a large-scale installation, along with a number of small works, by California-based artist Clare Rojas. Rojas combines painting, installations, film, printmaking, quilting, and music in her artistic practice.
Rojas’s work is influenced by American folk art, particularly by the history, material, and aesthetics of quilts. Her paintings usually include themes surrounding women and animals in stylized landscapes. In her imaginary pieces, the artist uniquely interprets the relationship between men and women, humans and animals, and humans and nature. Women of all ages and colors in simple patterned dresses are commonly found in Rojas’s work. The smiling, strong and confident women interact with other women, little girls, men, animals and nature. On the other hand, men with slumping soft bodies are often depicted naked in simple, flowing lines and in poses normally assumed by women in fashion magazines. These images reverse imposed sexual roles and the objectivation of female bodies in art and the media.
Self-taught at the guitar and the banjo, Rojas has released five albums that are an intricate, complementary part of her visual work. The artist will perform her music as part of her installation during the opening celebration. Rojas is the fourth recipient of the Nathan and Ruth Perlmutter Artist-in-Residence Award.
The Rose Building
September 21 - December 17, 2006 and January 24 - April 1, 2007

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