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30 March – 17 June 2007

CAC Málaga presents Ron Mueck’s first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum or art centre. The show features a monumental sculpture of a baby, five metres tall, made from polyester resin. This is accompanied by maquettes, videos and colour tests illustrating the creative process behind the piece, as well as a documentary on the artist.

A Girl typifies the Australian artist’s habit of using vastly exaggerated dimensions to portray the human, whilst also clearly embodying influences from classical sculpture: the most important, indeed, practically the only, reference in Mueck’s piece. Not in vain are pregnancy, birth and motherhood among the recurring themes in a sculptural work that approaches classical subjects from a modern, uninhibited standpoint.

Mueck is a clear and representative example of contemporary sculpture, in which a salient feature is the masterful use of scale. His universe is framed within the hyperrealist tradition, by a naturalism that is taken to extremes. Ron Mueck does not merely imitate reality; he imbues his figures with the ability to express feelings, persuading the viewer that these are works with their own inner life and psychological depths.

In his text for the exhibition catalogue, CAC Málaga director Fernando Francés confesses that, of all the artists that have moved him, Ron Mueck is perhaps the only one to have done so by modifying reality towards exaggeration, whether by defect or through excess. According to Francés, Mueck’s works “generate a surprising provocation in the viewer’s gaze, and they do so not only by the dramatic quality and the coldness that his figures reflect and represent, but also by their modification of the established, the way they break the laws of balance, changing the natural status of people and things”.

16 March – 22 April 2007

The exhibition Heaven's Temple features one of the Majorcan artist's most frequently-repeated themes - the human figure - in eleven works on different supports, providing a representative vision of his long and fascinating artistic trajectory and his interest in experimenting with industrial materials.

Heaven's Temple is also the first in a series of exhibitions staged with the aim of linking avant-garde art and religious tradition. To this end, a different, internationally-known artist will be invited each year to visit Málaga and produce an exhibition on the subject of the city's Easter celebrations.

The installation Procession features images and scenes from Málaga's Holy Week celebrations projected on a screen-curtain made from fibreglass, whilst the two sculptures, Los hilos que te rodean and Sin título (The Threads Around You and Untitled), both produced this year, provide examples of Amador's effigies or bodies created from the very earth.

Heaven's Temple, which gives the show its title, comprises several polyester resin sheets that, attached to each other, cover the exhibition room at CAC Málaga. This is a key work in Amador's overall trajectory in which the artist seeks to immerse the viewer in his universe.

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