Exhibitions - Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo de Marbella

12 April-25 May 2007

In May 1981 Rafael Casariego edited the 38th edition of the collection ‘Tiempo para la alegría’. Decicated to the 12 Metaphysical Poems composed by Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, Luis García Ochoa produced 11 colour lithographs in stone and two engravings in acid and aquatint. Manuel Repila and Pedro Arribas, two experienced professionals in the field, worked on the lithographs and engravings respectively.

Dates are subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be advertised giving as much notice as possible.

Temporary exhibitions are a fundamental part of the Foundation’s activities. All exhibitions are accompanied by a corresponding catalogue in which the most significant aspects of the artist and the work represented are collated along with comments by specialists in the themes. In several cases – Goya and Picasso, for example – the exhibitions are complemented by other publications and programmes of a didactic nature.
In recent years, exhibition activity has focused on monographs dedicated to one specific artist, themes looking at some aspect of engraving, its history or its protagonists and collectives. In the first category special mention must be made to the work of Pablo Picasso. The Museum has dedicated three exhibitions in total to the artist. The exhibition Picasso, Engraver was realised in collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in which over 100 of the artist’s finest works were displayed. Thanks to the assistance of the Museo Picasso, Paris for the first time in Spain the seven stages of one of the most important engravings in the history of art could be shown: La Minotauromaquia. The exhibition Picasso de Málaga was organised together with the Museo Picasso, Málaga in which some of the artist’s most important work in the illustration of books along with some of his ceramics could be shown.
A special exhibition was also organised dedicated to Goya on his 250th birth anniversary. In this event, for the first time in Andalucía, all of the painter’s engravings were shown together.
The Museum has also presented exhibitions of Miró – in collaboration with the Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró and the Fundación La Caixa - Eduardo Chillida, Antonio Saura, Rafael Canogar, José Hernández, Salvador Victoria, Miguel Rodríguez Acosta, José Caballero, Luis Caruncho, Mariano Fortuny, Eduardo Úrculo, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Francisco Aguilar, Enrique Brinkmann, Francisco Peinado, Miguel Villarino, Javier Vilató, Manuel Rivera, Gustavo Torner, Eduardo Naranjo, Gregorio Prieto and many other representatives of contemporary Spanish art.

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