Exhibitions - K20 K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Picasso – Painting against time
3rd February - 10th June, 2007

Romantic pastorales, disparate couples, nudes, cloak-and-dagger masquerades, self-portraits: these are themes that dominated Pablo Picasso’s art during the late years at Mougins (1960-1972). In this period, a “wild,” restless Picasso – one whose paintings betray an accelerating looseness of painterly execution – is always confronted by a reflective Picasso who narrates in his drawings and graphics with precise draftsmanship and a noticeable delight in detail. This apparent division into painterly and graphic styles is interpreted by Werner Spies, curator of this exhibition, as a sign of panicked fear in the face of the steady elapse of time, as a form of resistance against
temporality itself, against ones own inevitable disappearance. For in all of these works, whether executed at the easel or on paper, the artist has invested a certain quantum of time. Sixty paintings, thirty drawings, sixty graphic sheets and several “collapsible sculptures” serve to vividly embody this dialectic.

More information: www.picasso-k20.de

Gregor Schneider - WEISSE FOLTER
17th March – 15th July, 2007

Visible and invisible, duplicated and doubled, mobile, magic, briefly appearing and vanishing rooms define the oeuvre of Gregor Schneider (*1968 in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt). In 2001 he was awarded with the Golden Lion at the Biennale in Venice for his currently most famous work “Totes Haus u r”. The separate exhibition in Düsseldorf includes works created especially for the show and others dating from the last two years which have never been on display in Germany before. Guided by his desire to study “the unknown” (GS) and to increasingly include public rooms in this quest, the artist has conceived a sequence of corridors and cells in K21’s basement. These areas which resemble intensive and isolated wards conjure up a an separate world without the aid of any illustrations. Find out more

Joe Scanlan - Passing Through
12th May, 2007 – 5th October, 2008

The American artist Joe Scanlan (born in 1962) has designed the latest long term project for the large, spectacular area beneath K21’s glass cupola. In the centre a ”wandering”, modular pavilion of lightweight construction has been erected. Due to the constant reconstruction of its basic form, this edifice slowly “moves” across the four wings of the building. Inside, works by the artist make up a small retrospective, once again in changing constellations. This pavilion which Scanlan created with two architects, is both a sculpture and a functional container. It can be used not only for exhibiting art but also for other worthwhile purposes in the future.

Furthermore, the area at the centre of the glass cupola will be transformed into a kind of daylight cinema for the interplay between sunlight and shadow. This project is a continuation of Scanlan’s research in the interface between art, design, architecture, economics and ecology.

Joe Scanlan’s project came about in cooperation with M:AI, Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW.

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