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2 June - 9 September 2007
In the first decades of the 20th century, many Swedish artists went abroad to explore the formal idiom of abstract art. Most of these artists, however, reverted fairly soon to the narrative tradition. This exhibition looks at some ten “Stories”, themes such as meetings between human beings, cultures, ways of life and political opinions. The featured artists include Ivan Aguéli, Nils von Dardel, Siri Derkert, Sven X-et Erixon, Sigrid Hjertén, Tora Vega Holmström and Hilding Linnqvist.
Curator: Cecilia Widenheim

5 may - 5 August 2007
Karin Mamma Andersson (b 1962) has won great acknowledgment and acclaim, not least after her major international breakthrough at the Venice Biennale in 2003, where she represented Sweden. Her paintings are based in a colourist tradition, with an idiosyncratic imagery sprung from dreams, myths and art. This is a retrospective exhibition, with an emphasis on recent works.
Curator: Ann-Sofi Noring

On the first of each month, Moderna Museet will host smaller exhibitions inside or outside the museum highlighting the work of contemporary artists. This might be anything from artistic experiments and processes to individual works.
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1 September - 9 December 2007
The autumn’s major photographic exhibition will be a presentation of the Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk (b. 1956) who is well-known for his acutely perceptive images of modern Swedish society. At Moderna Museet he will present his latest project, Vinter [Winter]. The title refers to the long season in the north as well as to a psychological condition. His series Home, with images from the 1990s, will also be exhibited.
Curator: Anna Tellgren

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