Facilities - Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí

Important! The House-Museum is visited in small groups every 10 minutes. Previous booking of the date and tour is required, either by phone, fax, e-mail or via the web site.

On the visit day, you must pick up your ticket 30 minutes before the hour stated. Late arrival means that you will lose the right to enter the museum and your ticket will be sold.

The road from Figueres to Portlligat is 40 km and may take more than one hour. In summer it may even take longer because of the wavy and busy road. Bear this in mind so as to be in time to pick up your ticket half an hour before your booking.

The visit is not guided.
Pets are not allowed in.
It is forbidden to touch any of the works or settings exhibited.
Smoking, eating and drinking in the Museum is forbidden.
The Management reserves the right to refuse admission.

Rucksacks, bags, umbrellas, pushchairs or any other object that the authorised personnel consider a risk to museum security may not be brought into the museum.

Spaces are not adapted to people on wheelchair.

When taking pictures, you are not allowed to use the flash or any other photographic equipment. If this happens, the camera will be temporarily held back until the owner finishes the visit. Public communication of the images taken inside the Dalí museums needs an authorization and rights clearance.

The Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí store-bookshop offers a wide range of exclusive products, all of them connected with the Salvador Dalí museums and oeuvre.

The bookshop has the museum guides and catalogues of the exhibitions presented by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, most of the books and collections of articles written by Dalí, and many volumes devoted to his work and to Surrealism.

The sales made by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation shops contribute to the Foundation’s educational and cultural activities.

The shop opening times are the same as those of the museum.

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