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Attractions of the museum shop include arts and crafts products from Africa and Asia, prints and graphics by various artists, as well as wooden figures by Goerg Ettl and creations of hand and carrier bags by the designer Laura Rosnovsky. Furthermore, the museum shop offers a selection of products relating to each current exhibition. Why don’t you take a look…

Shop museum kunst palast
Sabine Parsow
Tel +49(0)211-8996199
Fax +49(0)211-8929676

Opening hours: Tuesdays - Sundays, 11 am - 6 pm

Catalogue orders:

Petra Hecht
Tel +49(0)211-8996930
Fax +49(0)211-8929684

New publications and a selection of glass catalogues can be ordered via our Online Shop: http://www.kulturinfo-rheinland.de/cgi-bin/shop/index.pl?shop=MUS0070


The museum kunst palast library is a reference library open to all visitors. General reference works and encyclopedia of artists offer a first insight into art history. The entire stock of some 120,000 volumes focuses on art-historical literature on the main areas covered by the museum’s collections. In addition, the library holds a large collection of national and international exhibition and auction catalogues as well as a wide selection of art periodicals. More than half of the volumes are recorded in the central catalogue of the cultural institutes of the state capital of Dusseldorf and can be researched in the internet on www.duesseldorf.de/gdk.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 am - 5 pm.

For further information please contact Anne-Marie Katins by telephone on +49-211-8992458 or by email: anne-marie.katins@museum-kunst-palast.de.

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