Faqs - Station Gallery

What is Station Gallery?

Station Gallery is a non-profit public art gallery and vibrant cultural centre offering Whitby and neighbouring Durham Region communities, a variety of art exhibitions, child, youth, adult and family art programs, classes and workshops, performances and special events.

What is a Public Art Gallery?

A Public art gallery mounts exhibitions by artists (who receive payment for showcasing their work) and actively acquires art works for their Permanent Collections. No direct commercial sales activity takes place in public galleries (though many have gift shops and art rental/sales facilities as part of separate fundraising activities).

The primary focus for Public art galleries is to make art available to be seen (sometimes touched, heard, and even occasionally smelled) by the general public and to provide arts education.

What is Station Gallery’s admission fee?

Entry into the Station Gallery is free. The gallery offers visitors the chance to view exhibitions and Permanent Collection – free of charge. Please note special events offered through Station Gallery may require the purchase of event tickets (complete event costs can be confirmed through the gallery at 905-668-4185)

Station Gallery graciously accepts donations in lieu of admission fees, which go directly towards enhancing the galleries child, youth, adult and family art programs.

How can I learn more about Station Gallery exhibitions, programs, and special events?

It’s simple! Sign up for Station Gallery’s E-News on our website home page. Select the E-News Sign Up and be the first to know what creative, hands-on, innovative and cultural experiences are available at Station Gallery – sign up for this free email newsletter today. Or contact Station Gallery directly at for further details.

How can I support Station Gallery?

You can support the gallery in a number of ways: become a gallery member, make an annual donation, purchase an engraved brick for the gallery’s ‘Patron’s Walk’ and/or volunteer your time.

Station Gallery has many opportunities to support the exhibition and programming initiatives. Explore Partnership Opportunities for individuals and/or businesses and support the vital educational programming Station Gallery provides to the community.

How often are gallery exhibitions changed?

Station Galley strives to offer a variety of historical, contemporary, community oriented and thought provoking exhibitions that showcase works from local, regional, national and international artists in a variety of mediums. In most cases exhibitions rotate on a six-week basis, allowing Station Gallery to offer something for everyone – all year long!

Is the artwork displayed at Station Gallery for sale?

Station Gallery is a non-profit public art gallery and does not sell the works on view within the exhibitions. For interested gallery patrons, gallery staff would be happy to forward any inquires to the exhibition artist directly.

Please note select works displayed at Station Gallery are part of the Station Gallery Permanent Collection and/or on loan from another gallery and not available for sale.

Can I rent Station Gallery’s space for a party, reception or special celebration?

Use of Station Gallery is currently exclusive to Station Gallery donors and partners. At this time the facility is not available for birthday parties, receptions, ceremonies or celebrations.

Can photographs be taken within Station Gallery?

Photographs are not permitted within exhibition spaces, as the light from the flash of cameras may damage the works on display. Station Gallery is not the owner of the exhibition works and due to copyright issues, the gallery may not have permission to reproduce the artwork in any form.

Photographs are permitted in the studio spaces, to preserve the fun and hands-on learning experience of gallery programs.

How can I get my work exhibited at Station Gallery?

Station Gallery exhibitions are planned 1 – 2 years in advance. Interested artists can submit a proposal for exhibitions at any time. Please direct all inquiries to the attention of the Gallery Interim Curator.

Exhibition proposals should include: A written statement outlining the exhibition rationale; a sheet of 12-15 slides or disk of electronic images; a detailed CV or resume and a self addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of materials. Please note response time is between four to six months.

How can I become an artist instructor for Station Gallery’s child, youth, adult and/or family programs, classes and workshops?

For those interested in becoming one of Station Gallery’s enthusiastic artist instructors – contact the galleries Education Coordinator to submit your resume and obtain further details.

Station Gallery is always looking for engaging, professional artist instructors for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall program sessions. Contact Station Gallery directly for further details.

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