Faqs - Davis Museum | The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona



1) - What is Davis Museum?
Davis Museum, The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona is the smallest contemporary art museum in the world, with its own permanent contemporary art collection. It is also a ready-made sculpture and collective work of art. It is a non-profit artistic project that organizes and produces exhibitions, encourages research and promotes contemporary art exhibitions.

2) - When was Davis Museum founded?
Davis Museum was founded on Facebook on January 1st, 2009.

3) - What is the purpose of the Davis Museum?
The purpose of the Davis Museum is organization and production of art exhibitions, the promotion of research and artistic creation and export of their exposure to other nationally and internationally cultural centers, museums and institutions, while generating debate, thought and reflection. Its mission is the dissemination of contemporary art by emerging and renowned from around the world.

4) - Does Davis Museum have any precedent?
Yes. Davis Museum has some precedents. These are Marcel Duchamp's Boite-en-valise and Robert Filliou's Galerie légitime, both works contain a scathing institutional critiques, not without sarcasm.

5) - What is the contribution of the Davis Museum, in relation to the Galerie légitime?
In relation to the Galerie légitime, Davis Museum create a link to the aesthetic of the New Media Art, in the new context of the digital era and the art related social networks.

6) - Does not have Davis Museum a single author?
Yes. Davis Museum does not have a single author, it is a social project, a collective work of art, therefore, all the artists who participate Davis Museum will have their names and works cited in it. From this collectivistic point of view Davis Museum is linked to the esthétique relationnelle, where the old notion of authorship is altered.

7) - Is Davis Museum a physical or virtual art space?
Davis Museum is a art space both physical and virtual. For a virtual visit go to the official website of the Davis Museum http://www.davismuseum.com or visit the Davis Museum's channel on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/davismuseumbarcelona.
Please, follow us on Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/davismuseum, and visit the Page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/davismuseumcom
For a physical visit to the Davis Museum showroom: C/Puigmartí 7, 1º, 2ª, 08012, Barcelona, Spain. Please, set date and time in advance. Entry fee of 10 €.

8) - Is Davis Museum an official museum?
At the moment, Davis Museum is a alternative and non-profit museum, although the idea is to turn Davis Museum in a non-profit cultural association in the future.

9) - And how can Davis Museum become a non-profit cultural association?
Davis Museum could become a non-profit cultural association with a cultural institution help, through scholarships, grants or institutional support. In case this is not possible, taking into account the complexity of these operations, Davis Museum will remain a museum/sculpture/collective work of art, and who may be exposed in art spaces as museums, biennials, cultural centers, galleries, etc.

10) - Has been the contemporary art collection of the Davis Museum recognized from any institution?
Yes, The Davis Museum collection of contemporary art has been recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Community of Kingdom of Spain)


11) - What was the selected object to create the Davis Museum space?
The selected object to create this museum/sculpture/collective work of art was a voting box, a methacrylate bucket used to collect ballots in an election.

12) - Was the decision to select a ballot box for Davis Museum random?
No, the selection of a ballot box for Davis Museum was not random. This object has been selected as representation of the possible critical management processes of the art institutions.

13) - How big is Davis Museum?
Davis Museum has a size of 7,8 x 7,8 x 7,8 in (20 x 20 x 20 cm). As the permanent collection will increase, Davis Museum could be extended according to need and the available budget.

14) - If Davis Museum is a physical space, where is it located?
At the moment, the Davis Museum box is displayed in the Davis Museum's showroom, in the Davis Lisboa's home/art studio/museum, at C/ Puigmartí 7, 1º, 2ª, 08012, Barcelona, España. Although, as Davis Museum is portable, it can be exhibited in others art spaces as museums and exhibition spaces, biennials, cultural centers, art galleries, etc.

15) - How big is the Davis Museum showroom?

Davis Museum showroom has a size of 92,9 x 137,4 in (2,36 x 3,49 m).

The Davis Museum Floor

16) - How is the permanent art collection of Davis Museum being created?
The Davis Museum permanent art collection is being created by small format works of art donated by artists.

17) - Is Davis Museum is a business?
No. Davis Museum is not a business. Any revenue generated will cover costs related to the management and preparation of exhibitions, poster design and publication of photographs, critical texts and videos, texts translations, e-mailings, in addition to transport and preservation of works of art.

18) - Are the works of art presented in Davis Museum for sale?
No. The works of art are presented in Davis Museum are not for sale, because Davis Museum is not an art gallery.

19) - Does Davis Museum is on sale?
No. Davis Museum is not for sale, because it is focus in culture, not business.

20) - Has Davis Museum a motto?
Yes, Davis Museum has its own motto: “The market is like a "tsunami" and it will swallow anything it encounters on its way while Davis Museum remains an island of resistance.”


21) - What artists can exhibit in Davis Museum?
Artists can exhibit in Davis Museum are those selected by the Davis Museum management.

22) - What are the Davis Museum criteria used for selecting artists?
The selection criteria used in Davis Museum for the selection of the artists are the quality of their work of art and the curriculum vitae. Preference will be given to those artists who already have one of their art pieces in a museum collection or artists who has made a exhibition in another museum or cultural center. At least, who have participate in any important biennal or art fair.

23) - Are there any disciplines limitations to exhibit in Davis Museum?
There is no limitation to exhibit in Davis Museum in terms of artistic disciplines. Will be accepted drawings, engravings, paintings, collages, photographs, digital art, ceramics, sculptures, assemblages, installations, videos, animation, performance and happenings. The only limitation is the space available for artworks, which must not exceed 7 x 7 x 7 in (18 x 18 x 18 cm), frame included. The only limitation for videos and animation is the duration who must not exceeds 14 minutes.

24) - What the artists have to do, once they have been selected to exhibit in Davis Museum?
The selected artists have to send to Davis Museum:

a) - One (or more than one) small format original work(s) of art.
b) - The Curriculum vitae in a Word document (.doc), issued by Davis Museum, filled and recorded on a CD.
c) - The Donation Certificate in a Word document (.doc), issued by Davis Museum, filled, printed on paper and signed.
d) - One digital photography of the artwork in high resolution (300 ppi), recorded in a CD.

All these informations written in English.
If you have any questions, please contact info@davismuseum.com for more info.

25) - How many small format works of art should be sent to make part of the Davis Museum contemporary art collection?
Artists can send one (or more than one) original small format work(s) of art.

26) - Does the artwork have to be framed?
Yes. All two-dimensional artworks like drawings, engravings, paintings, photographs, digital art prints must be framed.

27) - What size or time duration must be the artworks?
Two-dimensional, like drawings, paintings, engravings, photographs, collages, digital art prints, etc:
Maximum size: 7 x 7 in (18 x 18 cm), frame included.
Three-dimensional, like sculptures, installations, performances, assemblages, ceramics, etc.
Maximum size: 7 x 7 x 7 in (18 x 18 x 18 cm).
Analogic and digital moving art, like animations and videos.
Maximum duration: 14 minutes in MP4 Format.

28) - How can artists get the Donation Certificate and the Curriculum vitae document?
The artists can get the Donation Certificate and the Curriculum vitae document through an e-mail sent by Davis Museum, where they will find a link for downloading these documents.

29) - What address should they be shipped to?
The address to which the shippiment is:
Davis Museum
The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art
Att. Davis Lisboa Bezerra
C/ Puigmartí 7, 1º, 2ª
08012, Barcelona

30) - Who was the first artist to exhibit Davis Museum?
The first artist to exhibit in Davis Museum was Davis Lisboa, who presented Davis Museum : The Museum is the Work of Art, that it means, the "self-exhibition" of the Davis Museum. The next exhibition was charged of the spanish videoartist Maria Cañas, the "Archivist of Seville" showing her video called The Toro's Revenge. This videoart is the first donation received by Davis Museum and it already makes part of the permanent contemporary art collection.

31) - What is the duration of the exhibitions in Davis Museum?
The duration of the virtual solo exhibition in Davis Museum is quaterly. The duration of the physical exhibition in Davis Museum showroom is also quaterly.

32) - Who will design the poster for the virtual solo exhibition?
Davis Museum will design the poster for the virtual solo exhibition.

33) - Who will record, edit, publish and share the video of the virtual solo exhibition?
Davis Museum is responsible for recording, editing, publishing and sharing the video of the virtual solo exhibition.

34) - Who will make the disclosure, prepar the mailing list and sending, creation of the event on Facebook and the publication of the virtual solo exhibition on internet?
Davis Museum is responsible for the disclosure, mailing list, create events on Facebook and Blogger and publishing the virtual solo exhibition.

35) - How artists can know when and where Davis Museum will be exposed in art galleries, art centers, biennials or museums?
Artists will know when Davis Museum has been exposed at some art spaces through e-mailings will be sent informing the place and timing of the event.

36) - Will there be a vernissage when artists exhibit their work in Davis Museum showroom in Barcelona?
No. There will not be a vernissage when an artist exhibit its work of art in Davis Museum, because Davis Museum is a non-profit art project, and therefore has no resources for such celebrations. If the artist is really interested in celebrating its inauguration, may designate himself from these kind of expenses. If Davis Museum is exhibited in some art space as museums, biennials, cultural centers and art galleries, then attempt to raise funds for the vernissage.

37) - What are the benefits of the artists who decide participate in Davis Museum - The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona?
The benefits for artists to participate in Davis Museum is visibility especifically focus on the global art network. The artworks of the artists will be virtually send to over 10,000 people related to the world of visual arts: artisans, illustrators, designers, art directors, advertisers, fine art students and teachers, art schools, colleges of Fine Arts, Universities, emerging and established artists, independent and renowned curators and art critics, cultural managers, art magazines, gallery owners, newspapers, TVs, radios, art collectors, art dealers, art museums, cultural center, all over the world!

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