Faqs - DaimlerChrysler Collection Berlin

corporation's social self-concept

With its quality and presence among the staff, the DaimlerChrysler Collection, initiated in 1977 and since then continuously expanded to include some 1,000 works of art today, reflects commitment to art as an inherent element of the corporation's social self-concept and cultural profile.

The works of the DaimlerChrysler Collection are permanently exhibited at the corporation's different locations (the large sculptures and changing works compositions in Stuttgart-Möhringen are showed to groups of staff and external visitors by appointment). Smaller sets of works are exhibited in company-owned sales and service outlets and in production plants.

International activities

The increasingly global business activities of DaimlerChrysler have impacted the collection in that it has become more mobile and its long-term concept is internationalized to a growing extent, in keeping with the basic, abstract/minimal orientation of the collection. The corporation's relations with the USA, with Japan and South Africa are reflected in the profile and activities of the DaimlerChrysler Collection.

challenge for internal corporate processes

International activities and globalization at the same time represent a challenge for internal corporate processes in which the collection is involved to a growing extent. The mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise benefits both sides: the competencies of artistic activity, for instance in the fields of globalization, identity and value definition, can add to the spectrum of problem-solving options within the corporation and enrich the corporate approach by alternative solutions and the more intensive consideration of "soft" factors.

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