Forthcoming Exhibitions - Rice University Art Gallery

Forthcoming Exhibitions - Rice University Art Gallery

Dinh Q. Lê
"Crossing the Farther Shore"
10 April - 28 August 2014

HOUSTON, Texas, (April 2, 2013) — Dinh Q. Lê is planning an ambitious, architectural installation of black and white photographic ephemera taken from the Vietnam War era, pre-1975. He has collected these photographs over the years that are often similar to the images that might fill a family’s photo album: portraits, scenic vistas, snapshots from events, etc. They are stitched together in monumental grids and paired with text handwritten on the back of the photographs. Specific recollections of the Vietnam War era have been chosen by Dinh Q. Lê from oral history interviews, including those conducted by Rice University’s Chao Center for Asian Studies with Houston’s Vietnamese community, the second largest outside of California. The large photo assemblages will be hung from the ceiling to create ethereal, cube-like structures inspired by the rectangular mosquito nets used in Vietnam. Dinh Q. Lê characterizes the gesture as a “sleeping, dreaming memory of Vietnam." The opening celebration on April 10 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and featuring remarks by Dinh Q. Lê at 6:00 pm is free and open to all. Complimentary beverages, including ale from Saint Arnold Brewery, will be served. Paid parking (credit card only) is available directly in front of the gallery on the Fondren Visitors’ Lot and there is plenty of free parking near the Rice Stadium. For more information see the VISIT page at or call 713.348.6069.

“My Voice Would Reach You” April 4-19, 2014
Capital. Art. Culture: Contemporary Asian Art Festival

My Voice Would Reach You celebrates the breadth and vigor of contemporary art, performance, poetry, installation, critical theory, sculpture, video, multi-media, and works on paper. An offshoot of work that “Capital, Class and Culture in ‘Asia’: Histories and Futures of the Question of Political Subjectivity and Forms of Freedom” established, we focus on two themes: the question of freedom in the cultural, social and economic worlds of ‘Asia’ and the question of who creates avenues of freedom. We are undertaking this project in the belief that, whether by excavating past possibilities or producing alternative imaginations, we help shape futures in a way that is good for humanity.

My Voice Would Reach You allows the Chao Center to partner with many Houston area arts institutions, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), the Rice Gallery, Asia Society, India House, Matchbox Gallery, Writers in the Schools (WITS), Houston Art New Generation (HANG) of the MFAH, Rice Public Arts and Rice Humanities Research Center.

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