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“Ten Style” Contemporary Photography Exhibition
Host: Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts / Shanghai
Curator: Li Fang
Critic: Zhang Wanxin
Time: August 25, 2007 – September 25, 2007
Li Gang, Huang Xu, Yin Mengqiu, Dong Wensheng, Li Jun, Wu Chengdian, Zhou Bin, Tony Scott, Ming Ke,Chen Xinzhong

All of a sudden, Chinese society has entered post-modern world in one moment. As a result, the weightlessness of spirits hits us with the unparalleled prosperous of the material life. People start to care about lifestyle and living quality extremely. The rising of material conditions has been settled as criteria for almost everything. The most important spiritual life of people has been deserted into footy corners in this age. The missing gravity in spiritual world and the blundering attitude of thinking has also deeply influenced Chinese contemporary art. At this point of time, superficial symbols and copycat works are growing to be frenetic art trends.
Most of the artists participated in this exhibition belong to the quiet group – or at least they try to be peaceful in the maniac art world. Among them, there is professional photographer, picture artist, painter, writer, even art dealer who is managing an art gallery. Artists come from different backgrounds and art circles, like from Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. With all the difference among them, they and their works have one thing in common: the care for spiritual lifestyle of a single human existing in this society and culture. As contemporary artists, these people are smart and stylish - some even remind people of ancient intellectuals from Wei and Jin Dynasty.
In this complicated age while everything has been materialized, it seems inappropriate to discuss about the spiritual life. Yet it is an unavoidable question for everyone living in this age. In art field, the spiritual lifestyle of the artist could decide his or her thinking method and lifestyle, and even decide the creative attitude, the value, the contents and style of the art, and after all the value of his or her works.
Ten artists are participating in this exhibition, and are bringing us ten styles for our spiritual life.

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