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Contemporary Photography from The Essl Museum
07 September – 25 November 07
In recent years, the photography section of The Essl Collection has been greatly expanded by significant new acquisitions. This is an opportunity to present photographs from our holdings to the public in a representative show. About 100 works, among them classics, highlights and young art, stake out an exciting trail through the many-faceted world of art photography. The exhibition addresses topical themes and issues of contemporary photography: analogue vs. digital, objective vs. subjective presentation of pictorial realities, photography as a projection screen for social and political changes, experimental and cross-media photography. Artists include Valerie Bélin, Jean Marc Bustamente, Gregory Crewdson, Judy Dater, Elger Esser, Nan Goldin, Andreas Gursky, Mike Kelley, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Brandon Lattu, Paul McCarthy, Miao Xiaochun, Tracey Moffat, Tim Roda, Thomas Ruff, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Struth, Sam Talor Wood.

21 September 07 – 03 February 08
Curator: Jonathan Meese

One of Germany’s most prominent contemporary artists at the age of only 36, Jonathan Meese is represented in The Essl Collection with significant works. In the last few years, this e nfant terrible has made a splash in the art scene in and beyond Germany. In his work and his often controversial performances he combines allusions to German mythology and megalomania, pop art and gothic influences and self-reflection. For The Essl Collection Jonathan Meese will create an exuberant installation for the Großer Saal. Sculptures with giant penises, installations consisting of iron crosses, human skulls and torn paper maché bodies provide an insight into the trashy cosmos of Jonathan Meese. A catalogue designed by the artist will complete the exhibition. Jonathan Meese will also give live performances during the exhibition.

12 October 07 – 13 January 08
Markus Prachensky, one of the leading Austrian post-war avant-garde artists, turns 75. Born in Innsbruck in 1932, Prachensky studied architecture and painting in Vienna and, together with Wolfgang Hollegha, Josef Mikl und Arnulf Rainer, founded the “St. Stephan

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