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"Verein der Freunde des
Kunstmuseum Bonn e.V."
The Society supports the Museum

The Kunstmuseum Bonn is one of Germany's larger museums. It is a center of culture in the federal city of Bonn and a sought-after partner in the international museum scene. Its architecture shows to advantage the important Macke Collection and the unique repertory of German art since 1945, among which is a fundamental portion of the Grothe Collection. Special rooms are set aside for video art and graphic works. Special exhibitions and events supplement the collecting process. The library with its reading room as well as a book shop offer the opportunity to be informed. The museum's stock of art must be kept alive by new additions, above all of contemporary art. The public hand is not able to finance this on its own. We are able to help through permanent loans and donations. The transition from Bonn as a capital to Bonn as a federal city has and will have grave consequences for the promotion of cultural institutions. This "jewel" of an art museum must rely on the broad support of its citizens. We support the museum publically.

In order to achieve these goals, we hope for other committed members to help us financially but also members who want to gain direct insight into the work of the museum and want to support it in non-material ways. We as members are, above all, interested in art, in the pleasure that its study and the discussion with other interested adherents can bring. Which is why we applaud every additional member. Patrons of the Society are members who donate at least EUR 500 annually (incl. a EUR 50 annual subscription for which no receipt for tax purposes can be provided).

These patrons are regularly invited to all events and enjoy a series of other privileges (e.g., previews, talks with the artists, catalogs, special editions) and have free admission to the museum and to the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic next-door. In case you do not want to immediately sign up for patron membership, we offer you the possibility to get to know our Society by purchasing the combined annual ticket for both museums.

We will gladly inform you of any details you want to know:

"Verein der Freunde des
Kunstmuseum Bonn e.V."
Society of the Friends of the Kunstmuseum Bonn
Friedrich Ebert Allee 2
D-53113 Bonn
Phone: +49-228-776211/12

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