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Alabama Artists Honored in the Heart of New Orleans

In order:
Symposium with the artists
Joe Minter talks to visitors about his piece Slaveship
Lonnie Holley harvests Katrina-blown debris for his sculptures
Thornton Dial’s Old Time Mule

New Orleans, LA. (20th March)
The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, housing the world’s most comprehensive collection of Southern art, chose five Alabama artists to unveil Phase II of its museum development. Phase II of the museum is partly comprised of the Patrick F. Taylor Library at Lee Circle in the heart of New Orleans and its museum district. The building, when complete, will hold the Ogden’s collection of historical paintings.
Artists Thornton Dial, Lonnie Holley, Joe Minter, Charlie Lucas and Ronald Lockett all have pieces in the exhibition entitled Ogun Meets Vulcan: Ironworkers of Alabama. Last Thursday night, the exhibition welcomed one of the museum’s best crowds since it opened its doors three years ago.
Holley spent the week prior to the opening gathering objects from New Orleans’ levees which were deposited by Katrina. These objects were used in several pieces built especially of for the exhibition. Minter and Holley conducted family workshops throughout the weekend, concluding with a panel discussion Sunday afternoon.
Some pieces in the show are in direct response to hurricane Katrina and visitors to the exhibition felt that the artists truly understand what it is like to live in New Orleans among the devastation. One young girl told the Ogden that “Lonnie must have been in my neighborhood. He made the fences look just like my street. It’s scary, but I like it.”
Museum Director, Rick Gruber, says that the choice of artists is perfect for New Orleans and well suited to the half finished Patrick F. Taylor Library which holds the exhibition. “The work is raw and chaotic, but full of power and potential. So is New Orleans, so is the library.”
Exhibition dates: March 17 - June 19, 2007
The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, University of New Orleans is open in the Warehouse Arts District. The five-story contemporary building, Stephen Goldring Hall, opened on August 23, 2003. For more information call (504) 539-9600 or visit the website at

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