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Otto Brusatti and the Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln
26 April 2007, 7.30 pm

Take a trip underground with Eros. The Concert Schrammeln accompany you there, musical spring time with Schubert and Old Vienna, Rosenkavalier and the Venusberg, and above all: brand new compositions. Otto Brusatti roams through Vienna from The Third Man sewers to the fin de siècle, Qualtinger, and the latest scene.

Erotic culinary delights
15 March, 29 March, 19 April and 10 May 2007, 6 pm

On the occasion of the exhibition "Eros in Modern Art" the Hilton Vienna Plaza and the BA-CA Kunstforum will whisk you off on a magical mystery tour of French cuisine. For French cuisine has no peer when it comes to sheer sensuous pleasure. Let the diversity of French cuisine cast its spell, and savour the delicacies served up for you by chef Oliver Sattler. The culinary selection is accompanied by eroticising cocktails.

"When EROS makes us lose our heads"
Philosophical musings on extra-marital affairs (Reading in German)
20 April and 11 May 2007, both at 7.30 pm

An uplifting evening on an eternal topic.
With thoughts by Nietzsche, Kant, Schopenhauer, ...
and served up lavishly by Harald Koisser and Eugen Maria Schulak, authors of the bestseller of the same title, published by Orac.

Together at Art
Sundays for children (ages 5 – 11) and grown-ups
15 April, 20 May, 17 June 2007, at 3 p.m.
Duration: 1.5 h (incl. practical work in the studio)

Welcome to an afternoon at the Academy of Art! Theme: the human being. Equipped with drawing pad and pens we start out on a ramble through the history of modern art. It is a quest to find out the myriad possibilities of depicting the human body; we trace the various styles and discover tender impressionist compositions as well as wild explosions of colour and object art that is full of humour. In conclusion the sketches are finished off in the studio with unconventional painting materials.

Ensemble Wienerley
Agnes Palmisano (voice – classical and "Dudeln" –Viennese "scat") • Roland Sulzer (accordion) • Peter Havlicek (contra guitar)
26 May 2007, 7.30 pm

Viennese music is the most kaleidoscopic in the world. It can whoop high in exhilaration, yet dive down into the depths, it can luxuriously entertain, and yet question itself and its whole history and existence in a couple of bars. An apotheosis of triad chords and of indefatigable wooing in perspiring corporeality, death’s boot camp – all this is Viennese music, magnetic, addictive and above all enticing the listener to join in the jumble of soul and loins, spirit and solar plexus, hormones and intellectual yearning for the transcendent.

Talk in Tresor:
23 June 2007, 6 pm

An exclusive curator-guided tour through the exhibition will first of all provide a view of the arrangement, concepts and meaning of the exhibits. Afterwards a select panel of experts will discuss the connection between eroticism, pornography and art: lusty coupling or incompatible opposites?

Bernd Roger Bienert: Hippolytos
Dance Performance
24 June 2007, 8 pm

who do you think feels at home with himself
who do you think feels at home
who do you think feels at home with himself at home
who do you think feels at home
when he’s at home by himself
who do you think feels at home with himself
when he’s at home
who do you think feels at home with himself
when he’s at home by himself
who do you think

(translated by Elfriede Gerstl)

The poem by Elfriede Gerstl integrated into the performance questions the possibility of an immediate identity awareness. (Being at home with herself (bei-sich-sein) was for years only possible for the poet in isolation).

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