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Lectures & Events

Willie Doherty
Thursday, 26. July 2007, 19 h
Lecture by Willie Doherty concerning his work and the presentation of the catalog of works in relation to the present exhibition (in english)

Thursday, 2. August 2007, 19 h
Conversation with Britta Peters (artistic director of the Project „10° Kunst: Wilhelmsburger Freitag“) with Lenka Clayton as well as Christoph Schäfer and Margit Czenki

Thursday, 30. August 2007, 18 h
Guided tour with Willie Doherty and Dr. Nils Zurawski, sociologist and researcher of the Northern-Ireland conflict

Nightly Events

Pearl River City
Thursday, 5. July 2007, 19 H
China Complex
Conversation between Tobias Berger (Direktor Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong), Yuk King Tan (Künstlerin Hong Kong) and Ursula Panhans-Bühler (Kassel)

Thursday, 16. August 2007, 19 H
Lecture by Waling Boers, Theme: „Universal Studios“ in Peking

Series ‘Vereinsdenker’:

In the series ‘Vereinsdenker’ (association philosopher) the Berlin theoretician and author Diedrich Diederichsen has been invited to hold a monthly lecture in the art association during one year. Subsequent these are to be summarized in a book. Since Diederichsen is a proven specialist in the popular-cultural discourse, his lectures represent an addition to the event-program ‘Drei Geschäfte, Mode, Musik & Bücher’.

The series ‘association philosopher’ is sponsored by Mont-Blanc.

I. Subjectivity & development
1. Live in the loop
2.Generation, Multitude, Mouvement
3.Transfiguration and Heroism
4.Renaldo & Clara

II. Preambles
5.Sixties: Underground – Couterculture – Avantgarde
6.Glamour: Corruption-Seduction-Authority
7.Punk: Intensity – Negation – clear text

III. Art Stories
8. Art and Critic
9.Work and Project
10. Art and non-art

11. Sound identities
12.Minimalism – Fluxus – Psychedelia

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