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Initiated in 1982, the Rhone-Alpes Collection today includes 1200 works : drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, installations, films. The collections is registered with Videomuseum, the national database for twentieth century public art collections in France.
Prinicpal elements of the Collection
During the collection’s first few years of activity, it was organised according to the four fundamental axes of 1980s artistic practice : the return of the image in painting (figuration, neoexpressionism), sculpture and installation (new British sculpture), photographic practice beginning in 1970, and 1960s figurative narration. A few sub- themes and styles were also represented, such as landscape, minimal art, conceptual art and arte povera. A photographic collection dealing with the representation of the body was established under Jean-Francois Chevrier.
Later, and until 1990, the collection was geared largely towards the production of monumental works (Bernard Bazile, Daniel Buren, Dan Graham/Jeff Wall, John Knight, Philippe Thomas). The first catalogue detailing the Rhone-Alpes aquistitions (Collection Rhone-Alpes) was published in 1992.
Between 1992 and 1996, the collection became “art and experimentation”, meaning, on the one hand focused on the production of work having strong exhibiting potential (Jean-Noel Buatois, Phillippe Durand, Pierre Hiyghe, Dominique Lacoste, Joep van Lieshout), and on the other hand supporting predominantly French, young and emerging artists (Cécile Bart, Pascal Convert, Richard Fauguet, Eric Poitevin, Frank Scurti).

A new committee responsible for acquisitions was put in place in 1997, including several European experts responsible for institutions in Barcelona, Birmingham, Siena and Zurich.
This committee defined a new direction for the collection, aiming to acquire the constitutive elements of art works, to better reflect the artistic process. The following tendancies were applied to new acquisitions:
-works by artists whose practice has been considered to have a historical provenance or importance
-works that enrich certain sections already present in the collection, particularly that of emerging French and English artists
-The opening of interest towards artists from Southern Europe (particularly for the exhibition Coté Sud) and Switzerland
-Collaborations with the artists presented in other regional art centres of the the Rhone-Alpes
Loans and Deposits

The collection Rhone-Alpes is diffused by a selective process of loans and deposits. A committee is in place to evaluate demands for these loans.
Some of the collection is stored in various museums in the region, with the objective of it being viewed as part of their permanent collection:

-Bourg-en-Bresse (Jean Raine)
-Grenoble (Francois Morellet, Harald Klingelholler)
-Saint Etienne (Christian Boltanski, Gerhard Richter, narrative figuration, photographic collection)
-Valence (Magdalena Abakanowicz, Tony Grand, Richard Long, Rebecca Horn)

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