Permanent Collection - Mid-America Science Museum

Welcome to the fascinating realm of the Mid-America Science Museum. Embark on a fun-filled experience of discovery, imagination, and invention where interactive exhibits let you experiment with science and nature. Pull, tug, push, spin, pump, and twist your way through the vast array of mind-boggling displays!
See Sir Roland Emmett's wondrous and whimsical creations, three of which were used in the classic movie, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." These rare machines, the "Featherstone-Kite," the "Little Dragon Carpet Sweep", the "Hush-A-Bye Hot Air Rocking Chair", and the "Visi-Vision", create an atmosphere of fun, playfulness, and inventiveness that challenge the senses and imagination.

The energy exhibit now includes the world's largest conical Tesla Coil, "Caged Lightning", which produces 1.5 million volts of electrical energy. Spark your curiosity with a new twenty-two inch diameter plasma globe or lightning ball. And of course, you can still have a "hair-raising" experience with the Van de Graaff generator. The energy island is a changing array of experiments demonstrating the various effects of energy, its characteristics and behavior. The numerous controls around the perimeter allow you to view and manipulate various experiments.

Enjoy the ever-popular Laser Light Show or trap your shadow in the "Shadow Trapper." Whisper to a friend fifty feet away or make a human kaleidoscope in the hall of mirrors. Explore architectural construction techniques in "What it feels like to be a Building."

"Night Crawler" is a forty-foot exhibit that allows visitors to crawl through the inner chambers of an earthworm and exit on a short slide. An educational video on the earthworm's impact on the earth's ecology and a cut-away model of an earthworm complete this new addition to the life sciences exhibits.
Trek through "Underground Arkansas", a gigantic indoor cave filled with awesome twists, turns, tunnels, and slides. Maneuver swinging bridges, climb rope ladders, and experience a realistic thermal waterfall.

The Doron Simulator will thrill your senses as you adventure into the world of virtual reality with light, sound, and motion experiences.

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