Permanent Collection - Museum of Almeria

The museum, established by Royal Decree on 28 March 1933, with the initial funds of the Council of Almería and those in the possession of the Province Committee for Museums, was installed in a building on calle Javier Sanz, firstly shared with the Escuela de Artes y Oficios and then with the \"Celia Viñas\" Institute of Secondary Education. The title of the museum was complemented with the name, \"Luis Siret\", in tribute to the memory of such a notable archaeologist.

The collections and the museum building were declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1962. In 1979, it was transferred to the State, Ministry of Culture, which made the decision to change the former Colegio Menor Santa María del Mar into the new museum headquarters, in 1981. The inauguration of the new headquarters took place on 22 October 1982. From this date, it was named the Museum of Almería, although this did not become its official name until 1994. The building''s facade is formed by two projecting lateral sides; worth special mention are the niches and a central body with three arches, and a terrace. It is a typical construction from the forties, independent, with a rectangular floor plan on three levels, with a large space in the rear part for future enlargements and a landscaped area at the front in which the busts of Mr.Luis Siret and Mr. Juan Cuadrado are exhibited.

Due to the recent structural problems of the building, on 15 July 1991, the museum was closed to the public, mainly affecting the exhibition halls and the auditorium, whereas the storerooms and other services (archives, library, restoration workshop, photography laboratory, administration, management, etc.) remained open. In order to compensate such a prolonged closure in as much as possible, in 1995, two permanent exhibitions were opened, with a small representative example of Prehistory and Antiquity in Almería outside the Museum headquarters, in two spaces in the Provincial Historical Archive and the Villaespesa Library. Finally, one exhibition was organised in the Villaespesa Library called \"Testimonios arqueológicos en la provincia de Almería (Archaeological Testimonies in the province of Almería)\".

Recently, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has completed the construction of a new building which will become the new headquarters of the Museum of Almería.

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