Permanent Collection - Ogden Museum of Southern Art

The Museum's holdings include Southern artworks from Washington, D.C. and 15 Southern states spanning the 18th-21st centuries, and include paintings, prints, watercolors, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, crafts and design.

Roger H. Ogden's collection, which he started putting together in the 1960s, was one of the first that focused solely on Southern art, helping to identify and define the genre. By the 1990s, the Ogden collection was recognized by art historians and collectors as one of the most significant of its kind. Roger H.Ogden donated the collection to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, laying the groundwork for the announcement of a permanent showcase for the works.
The Andrews-Humphrey Collection
In 2000, following the exhibition The Art of Family, the Andrews family announced the formation of the Andrews-Humphrey Foundation at the Ogden Museum, beginning a long-term relationship that would see the family of artists donate their art and time to educational and outreach programs in New Orleans. An Andrews-Humphrey Gallery at the Ogden Museum will showcase the major works gifted by members of the Andrews and Humphrey families.

The Michael Brown and Linda Green Collection
Hand selected by Michael Brown, this collection offers striking insight into the art and gallery scene in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Many of the artists were still emerging in the local art scene at the time and as his fascination with art intensified, Brown made a conscious decision to support local artists and dealers. This collection includes a range of media with a special focus on sculpture.

The Mary Lee Eggart Collection

A collection of paintings by artist William Moreland, a New Orleans native interested in cultural geography and the "man-land" relationships in art. Primarily an abstractionist, Moreland's images are based on his close observations of nature. This collection represents the artist's 50-year career and is a testament to the artistic interpretations of the South.

The Sonia and Isaac Luski Collection

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art recently acquired works in glass from Sonia and Isaac Luski. The Luskis, residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, began collecting art in the early 1960s. Their Collection mirrors the evolution of the Studio Glass Movement in the United States. Artists from the Luski Collection on display at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art include Rick Beck, Gary Beecham, Stephen Dee Edwards, Robert Levin, Harvey Littleton, Mark Peiser and Richard Ritter. All were teachers or students at The Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, the national center for craft education located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The pieces were selected with that in mind.

The Will Henry Stevens Collection
Artist and teacher Will Henry Stevens is one of the pioneers of modernism in the American South. Surrounded by streams, woodlands, trails and other extensive vistas associated with the Southern highlands, Stevens developed an intimate bond with these locations which informed his art and reflected his spiritual attitude towards nature. Though his reputation was largely regional in his lifetime, he always had a following, participating in some of the major artistic movements of his time. The Ogden Museum will feature a dedicated gallery of Stevens' works.

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