Permanent Collection - Les Abattoirs

The collection comprises over 2200 works covering the second half of the 20th century. It is mainly constituted of paintings and graphic works, as well as a smaller group of sculptures and installations which is meant to broaden.

The innovative project of joining the collections and programs of three structures that functioned independently till 1994 (the modern art museum prefiguration, the FRAC Midi-Pyrénées (regional contemporary art fund) and a contemporary art centre) make this collection unique in France.

The collection has been considerably enlarged by the contribution of Daniel Cordier’s collection (MNAM Centre Georges Pompidou deposit) and Anthony Denney’s collection. It is also opening itself to the new forms of contemporary creation by developing acquisitions, commissioned works and deposits.
The modern art collection
Centred on artists working since the 1950’s, it illustrates many artistic movements born after the second world war in Europe (France, Italy and Spain) as well as in Japan and in the United States: abstract expressionism, lyrical abstraction, Art Brut, informal art, Cobra, Gutai, Spatialism, Arte povera and Trans avant garde, Figuration libre…
The donation and deposit of some 50 works from the Anthony Denney collection in 1994, as well as the deposit in 1999 of 393 works from the Daniel Cordier collection by the national Museum of Modern Art-Centre Georges Pompidou bring, by the quality of the works and the artistic movements represented, a true originality and a strong historical base to the collection.

The collection of the photographer Anthony Denney (1913-1990) consists mostly of paintings from the 1950’s and 60’s, by significant artists such as Appel, Burri, Dubuffet, Fontana, Francis, Mathieu, Riopelle, Saura, Tàpies, Vasarely and the japanese artists of the Gutai group.
The collection of Daniel Cordier (born in 1920) shows the choices of a passionate art lover covering three generations of artists among whom one can name : Arman, Bellmer, Brassaï, César, Chaissac, Combas, Dado, Dewasne, Dubuffet, Duchamp, Fahlstrom, Hantaï, Hartung, Le Gac, Mapplethorpe, Michaux, Morris, Rauschenberg, Réquichot andViallat, as well as very singular artists

Le fonds contemporain
The contemporary art collection is constituted of several groups of works that operate a junction with the modern art collection and open perspectives on today’s creation.
The 1970’s and 80’s are notably represented by French artists who testify of the diversity of positions concerning modernity with sometimes a strong critical dimension towards the models of art history and art diffusion : Filliou, Morellet, Leccia, Bazile Bustamente, Présence-Panchounette, Gina Pane. Groupings have also been constituted from movements such as Support-Surface (Viallat, Dezeuze), Figuration libre (Combas, Di Rosa) or the Italian Trans avant garde.
The international scene is present with works by On Kawara, Art and Language, Bernd Lohaus or Alfredo Jaar, but also with important works by artists from the Italian and Spanish scenes : Mario Merz, Allighiero Boetti, Miquel Barcelò, Antoni Tapiès, who evoke the specific vitality of contemporary art in southern Europe. This specificity is completed by the presence of artists from the Midi-Pyrénées scene (Hortala, Lamy, Gaspari, Parant, Musée Khombôl) and young emerging artists (Sentou, Maisongrande, Boyer).

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