Permanent Collection - Fundación Eugenio Granell

Permanent Collection - Fundación Eugenio Granell

The Foundation’s main collection includes works from all of Eugenio Granell’s different periods. It consists of oil paintings, constructions, ready-mades, collages, drawings, watercolours, gouaches, temperas, photos and engravings.

This collection is the result of the legacy that the English surrealist artist, Philip West, donated to the museum following his premature death in 1997. This legacy consists of 200 works, mainly drawings, oil paintings, engravings, as well as an important library with more than 100 volumes about Surrealism. A British artist who moved to Zaragoza in 1983, he is considered by critics one of the most representative Anglo-Spanish surrealists. He himself defined his painting as a poetical search communicating on a level beyond words, on a more intuitive level that proposes the reencounter, the point of convergence between conscious life and the subconscious mind by means of analogy.

From the beginning of his artistic work, Eugenio Granell was clearly interested in collecting. Thus, throughout his life he created an important collection of works by surrealist artists (many of whom were personal friends), ranging from established artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Roberto Matta and Esteban Francés, to more recent artists from a variety of places such as: Cruzeiro Seixas, Julián Calero Gómez, Karl-Otto Glotz, Yo Yoshitomé, Edouard Jaguer.

The result of Granell’s anthropological interest, which led to his collecting objects from the five continents. The collection reflects, in its pieces, the surrealist interest in the primitive, in man’s search for quality. It consists of masks, toys and objects from different places: Santo Domingo, Poland, USA, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Africa, Spain and Portugal.

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