Permanent Collection - Museo de Bellas Artes de Córdoba

Although the first contributions to the collections came from the Cordoban convent expropiations of 1835 and 1868, the bulk of the collection has come from donations, acquisitions and deposits realised over a period of time, all of which have contributed to increasing the diversity of the collection.

The Museum’s collection of paintings represents all of the most notable Cordoban artists from the Middle Ages to the present giving the visitor a complete knowledge of the evolution of local painting. Of special note in this section are the artists Pedro de Córdoba, Pedro Romana, Alejo Fernández, Pablo de Céspedes, Juan de Peñalosa, Juan Luís Zambrano, Antonio del Castillo, Fray Juan del Santísimo Sacramento, Antonio Palomino, Rafael Romero Barros, Tomás Muñoz Lucena, José Garnelo y Alda, Rafael y Julio Romero de Torres, Rafael Botí, Pedro Bueno, Equipo-57, José María Báez, José María García Parody, Desiderio Delgado, Dorotea von Elbe and Jacinto Lara.

The collection also includes works by painters from other Spanish schools such as Valdés Leal, Ribera, Bocanegra, Haes, Pinazo, Pradilla, Iturrino, Rusiñol, Regoyos, Casas, Sorolla and Zuloaga; sculptors such as Juan de Mesa, Duque Cornejo o Miguel Verdiguier, a Miguel Blay, Agustín Querol, Quintín de Torre, Julio Antonio, Juan Cristobal, Jacinto Higueras, José Capuz and Mateo Inurria Lainosa, of whom the Museum owns a significant number of pieces.

Highlights of the collection also include paper works such as drawings with exceptional examples from artists from the 16th to 20th centuries. These include Pedro de Campaña, José de Ribera, Antonio del Castillo, Antonio García Reinoso, Lucas Valdés, Miguel Verdiguier, José Camarón, Vicente López, Mariano Fortuny, Joaquín Sorolla, Rafael Romero de Torres and Mateo Inurria.

The Museum also houses a collection of prints from the same period, more numerous than the drawings although not perhaps of the same importance. Artist represented in this section include Francisco de Goya, Bartolomé Maura, Francisco Iturrino and Ricardo Baroja, all of whom are represented by a large volume of work.

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