Permanent Collection - Museum of Latin American Art

Throughout the past decade, the Museum of Latin American Art has been dedicated to gathering a collection of art that demonstrates the distinction and quality of fine art produced in the latter half of the twentieth century from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Latin America.

In the early years, the MoLAA collection was formed by acquisitions from the Robert Gumbiner Foundation. Recently, the collection’s growth has been enhanced by generous donations and loans from private and public donors, by artist donations, from solo exhibitions and the annual art auction.

The exhibition presents a selection of over 75 works of art that represent the evolution of the collection from 1996 to the present art on display reflects the Latin American aesthetic of the blending of cultures—Indigenous, European and North American—seen in the portraits, landscapes, figurative representations, lyrical and mythical abstractions, constructivism and geometric art placed on view. Individually and collectively, the art profiles a history of events and is a cross fertilization of forms and techniques prevalent in our rapidly changing global society.

Important works represent leading Mexican masters—David Alfaro Siquieros, Rufino Tamayo, Arnold Belkin, Jose Luis Cuevas—and Latin American Masters—Joaquín Torres Garcia (Uruguay), Roberto Sabastian Matta (Chile), Edgar Negret (Colombia), Antonio Sequi (Argentina).
Others represent recently acknowledged contemporary artists.

Several works are by artists who MoLAA has introduced to the public in solo exhibitions such as Cesar Menendez (El Salvador), Guillermo Trujillo (Panama), Gerardo Chavez (Peru) and Jose Garcia Cordero (Dominican Republic).

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